Abolhassan Mousavi

Seyed Abolhassan Mousavi Sirat was born in Hamedan, one of the greatest Iranian centers of carpet weaving, in 1943. He was interested in painting even as a child.

Abolhassan Mousavi

His father was an architect.

He took Seyed Abolhassan to a well – known masterof carpet designing, Mirza Reza Yeganeh. He  Continued hisformal school education concurrentwith  his education in carpetdesigning  and left  for  Tehran in 1964 when he had  acquired a great skill in that  field and  had  completed his school education .

He completed his knowledgeof designing under supervision of Mr. Abdolkarim Rafiei in Ministry of Culture & Arts. He obtained greater Knowledge and skill in carpet weaving. He continued his career in Iran Carpet Co. Later on, he completed his knowledge of miniature under the supervision of Jabbar Beik.

Education & professional courses of Abolhassan Mousavi

-Honorary PhD of Iranian handicrafts.

-A specialist of classical designing and painting.

-A specialist of dying and combination of color threads.

-A specialist of differentweaving styles.

-A specialist in designing andraised image carpets (tri- dimensional )

-A specialist ofapplication of silver and gold threads and preciousstones inCarpets.

-A specialist of designing and production of special Klimswith complicated designs.

Professions of Abolhassan Mousavi

– Former designer in Ministry of culture & Arts.

– Designer & producer offine and artistic carpets

– Professional dying

– Combination of dyed threads

– Supervision of specific Designing, dying weaving, and carpet completion process.

Other professional Activities

– A member of the board of the first carpet cooperative.

– A teacher of surveyors of Iranian Customs House

– 1st to prepare the questions in the overall university examinations (on Carpet)

– A consulting professor to thestudents of handicrafts course of study (carpet).

– Chairman of the board of directors in cooperative company of Sirat Carpet Gallery (Tehran).

-Chairman of the board of directors in sirat Baft cooperative company.

-Manager of Mousavi Carpet Designing Gallery.

-Manager of designing, dying, thread combination, weaving and treatment workshops.

Artistic Background

-Teacher of professional Designing & weaving Courses.

-Participation in 1st International Fair of Iranian carpet (1991).

-Participation in 2nd International Iranian Carpet Fair – 1992.

-Participation in 3rd International Iranian Carpet Fair – 1993.

-Participation in 4th InternationalIranian Carpet Fair 1995.

-Participation  in International Carpet Fair , Toronto,  Canada 1997

(Under the title: The star of Iranian Carpet).

-Participation in International Carpet fair – Qatar – 1994.

-Participation in International Carpet Fair, Lebanon 1993.

-Participation in International Carpet Fair –Hanover, Germany 1994.

-Participation in International Carpet Fair, Hanover, Germany1995.

-Participation in International Carpet Fair, Hanover 1996.

-Participation in International Carpet Fair, Stuttgart, Germany 1997.

-Participation in international Carpet fair in the U.A.E (Dubai) –1995.

-Participation in Asian & oceanic Carpet Fair (Tehran) 1997.

-Participation in the specific fairof the Intentional Conference of the Heads of Islamic States (Tehran).

-Holding of about 30 individual and group exhibitions.

-Participation in International Carpet Fair in Iranian Carpet Museum –2003.

-And / may other international fairs inside the country and abroad.